3 Benefits Of Solar Panels: Residental & Commercial

Benefit 1: Produce monthly income to offset hydro costs and mortgage payments: Our solar panels produce so much excess energy, we are able to sell it back and make a profit from it. When this happens, we are able to pay the home owner monthly cheques at which he/she can use it however they want.

Benefit 2: Increases the value of your home since solar panels are considered an asset. A question that comes up a lot is “What if the owners don’t like the solar panels?” Solar panels are becoming more a trendy thing, with the new home buyers being the new generation of Canadians that are highly involved with new technology, solar panels are actually helping homes sell faster than regular homes.

Benefit 3: Solar panels help Canada’s environment. Whether helping Canada’s environment is of a concern to you or not, by installing solar panels on your home, you’ve already contributed a lot. And when I say alot, I mean you’ve contributed to reducing 180 tonnes of CO2 through solar panels just in one year!