Alberta Residential

Residential Solar in Alberta


With the introduction of the new Solar Energy Rebates in 2016, Alberta has quickly grown to add more and more solar installations, making it the fastest growing province for solar in the entire country!

And, it comes as no surprise, as the "Sunshine Province" lives up to it's reputation by having some of the highest amount sunlight in all of Canada.

This makes it ideal for homes and businesses alike to start producing their own solar energy to save on electricity costs while reducing their green house emissions.

Reasons for Choosing Solar?

Instantly Offset Electricity Consumption

Increase property value

Become Immune from electricity rate increases

Reduce Green House Gas Emissions

Receive it at no additional cost!

Improve local economy by creating more jobs

Net Metering in Alberta

Due to the intense amount of sunlight available in Alberta, residential net metering will be an ideal choice for anyone looking to have their home run on clean, renewable energy. The solar panels are able to generate their own electricity to power the home, while also sending anything they produce in excess to the grid.

You home will continue to use your electricity just as you would without having solar panels, the only difference here is that you will definitely see some savings on your electricity bill!

As this is grid-tied net metering, you will have the full support of your existing utility connection that will automatically feed its electricity into your home in the event that you have any production drops from solar.

Residential Solar Programs in Alberta

Participant Category Residential
$/Watt $0.90

+ Additional $0.15/watt in the city of Edmonton

+ Additional $0.75/watt in the city of Medicine Hat

+ Additional $0.75/watt in Brazeau County

Maximum payable incentive The lesser of $10,000 or 35% of eligible system costs

ProFusion Solar's No Additional Cost Program!

Only One of It's Kind in The Province!


How It Works


1) We install our industry leading solar panel systems on your home for $0 down.


2) You lease-to-own it from us at 0% interest for up to 15 years*.


3) Your monthly lease payments are less than your electricity savings**. (For example, you're saving $100 per month, but you're paying us only $80)


4) You start enjoying the savings and energy security.





*0% interest rate is based on approved credit (don't worry, we're pretty lenient with this).

**Estimated monthly lease payments can be slightly higher than savings in the event that we encounter complications with the projects (i.e. poor roof direction, structural upgrades, etc.).


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