Energy Storage

How It Works

Our Smart Energy Systems manage power after it has been supplied by your local utility, shifting the time of day the power is purchased and increasing power reliability.

This also includes a proprietary software that is able to predict peak demand, which will help control the Battery Energy Storage, Uninterruptible Power Supply and/or power generator systems.

Nothing changes with the way the electricity is delivered to your business, nor do you need to alter the time of use or the way you consume it. The biggest difference our clients notice is the lower fixed rate and increased power reliability as they receive back up power at no cost.




Your local utility can switch out your retailer in as little as 3 business days. ProFusion Solar is able to provide our guaranteed reduced rate pricing to our costumers as early as the date of installation of our Smart Energy System.

The facility always stays connected to the grid, therefore you can draw power directly from the utility as you are currently doing, seamlessly, at any time.



Typically, large scale energy storage solutions involve clients to provide initial cash outlays. With ProFusion Solar's program, our clients are not billed for these systems or services, nor do they have to provide any funds out of pocket.

Rather, they receive a reduced rate from their utility with the help of our Smart Energy Systems that is fixed throughout the course of their term with us.


To learn more about how our Smart Energy Systems can save you money, please select from the following markets:

Alberta (Late 2019)