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LED Upgrades

Becoming energy efficient isn’t difficult – even for the busiest people. LED bulbs are an excellent solution for anyone looking to reduce their energy costs.

LED Bulbs have up to a 75,000 hours of life, which is equivalent to around 11 years worth of operational usage. This is a large jump from the typical one year life that a standard incandescent bulbs have. As a result, any maintenance cost associated with replacing lights is significantly reduced.

Retrofitting your existing fixtures with LED are a great way to ensure you receive the best quality lighting available at an affordable price.


LED lights require about a quarter of the energy to run than incandescents. This significantly lowers the costs of powering each bulb.


From the longevity of the LED bulbs, the less likelihood of bulb replacements and maintenance costs, our customers will find significant long-term savings from going LED with us.


At ProFusion, we provide a manufacturer-backed, 10 Year warranty on each installed project. This ensures a bumper-to-bumper coverage for the production and installation of our systems.

With our industry leading financing options, we’re able to help any business take advantage of the great benefits of LED at $0 Down.

LED Benefits1

 LED Comparison With Traditional Light Bulbs

LED Temperature Scale

LEDs allow a great level of customization that enables them to be right for any environment. From small houses, to large industrial businesses. We allow our LEDs to be adjusted to the right brightness that you require.

The temperature chart to the right (measured in Kelvin) shows the range of colours that can be emitted based on their corresponding scales. We use these scales to help us choose the right lighting for our clients, allowing us to provide a full solution for your business.


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