Large Scale Energy Storage Ontario

Reducing Energy Costs has never been easier for medium and large power consumers in Ontario

ProFusion Solar provides commercial and industrial power consumers free, no commitment, energy evaluations to demonstrate exactly how we can significantly reduce their company’s electricity bills.


Electricity Rate Composition in Ontario


In just ten years, the Global Adjustment rate has grown to comprise as much as 90% of the electricity rate and 30% of the overall electricity bill in Ontario.

This can be due to several things such as new infrastructure upgrades and developments, demand management, and purchasing electricity from different resources.

In Ontario, commercial consumer's electricity rates are comprised of two components:

Hour Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) -  A wholesale rate paid by all electricity consumers, also called the commodity price. The rate is calculated by the IESO (Independent Electricity & Systems Operator) and then charged to local utilities and large consumers who participate in the market.

HOEP comprises about 10% of the bill for commercial electricity consumers.


Global Adjustment (GA) - The other part of the bill, is the Global Adjustment. Where the HOEP is used a rate for the wholesale price for electricity, the GA is combined term used to represent the purchase of electricity from multiple energy sources.

GA comprises about 30% of the bill for commercial electricity consumers.



Our Solution

Using Smart Energy Storage Systems, we are able to blend the HOEP & GA for our clients, providing them a single, fixed rate to their facility.

The fixed rate we provide guarantees savings and also immunity from future electricity rate increases.

Our solutions provided savings to our from clients from day one at no cost. This ensures that our customers can benefit from electricity savings without any capital investments or any risks.


Real Results Mean Real Savings