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Our model is simple, yet unique. By prioritizing the bottom line of our clients, we are able to offer immediate energy savings, tax benefits, and increased property value in a structure that is attainable to all businesses who are interested in financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy.

Our Current Programs


Learn more about our industry-leading LED program that is guaranteed to give you energy cost savings from day one!

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Our solar programs are a great way for homes and businesses to utilize their unused roof space to reduce their electricity costs and become more energy independent.

To learn more about our solar offerings, please select from the list below of our current programs:


Residential Solar in Alberta

Commercial Solar in Alberta

Residential Solar in Ontario

Commercial Solar in Ontario

Residential Solar in Nova Scotia

Large Scale Energy Storage Solutions

Using the latest technologies in micro-grid development, we're able to help our commercial and industrial customers see long term energy savings with the use of our energy storage solutions and no up front cost!

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