Solar Programs


At ProFusion Solar, we're committed to providing Canadians with the best solar solutions to our customers at the most affordable price.

We take careful consideration when selecting our equipment to ensure that we deliver the right solution to our clients.



Our Solar Panels


Exclusive all-black solar panels made by LONGi Solar, voted the #1 manufacturer of mono-crystalline panels.

Reach up to 360W per module!

World record holder for mono-crystalline panels at 23.6%!

All panels come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty that is bankable by 3rd party insurance.

Micro Inverters

World's highest efficiency micro inverters

Convert up to 99.5% of DC electricity into AC

Operate at lower voltages, providing minimal fire risks

Banked by 20 year manufacturer warranty

Provide real-time monitoring

Guaranteed to degrade no more than 0.5% per year


Because, string inverters are connected on a single string, they are more susceptible to having their power loss spread due to shading &  other malfunctions to the array.

Micro Inverters treat each module independently and therefore will not allow any deficiencies in one panel to spread to the others in the circuit.

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