Let's Hear What Others Had To Say!

"ProFusion made obtaining solar panels very easy! We were looking to install solar panels on our home for ages; however, most quotes that we received were out of our budget. We were surprised when we found out that ProFusion was offering a better quality system at a much lower price. They delivered a quote to use very quickly and explained how we can co-invest in the project with funding that is within our budget. We are very happy with our solar package and definitely recommend!"

Varun Aggarwal, Brampton, Ontario.


"I got my solar panels installed by ProFusion in early 2017. The process was very simple and very straightforward. Their build quality is excellent and I feel comfortable knowing that the system is warrantied and insured."

Anthony DaRocha, Mississauga, Ontario.


"The staff at ProFusion was very nice and helpful when we were interested in buying the solar panels for our home. I received a quote within a few days of applying and was surprised to see how much money I would be earning from the solar panels every month by selling the electricity. We got them installed very quickly and started enjoying the benefits of our system!"

Mohammad Al-Masri, Toronto, Ontario.


"After my wife and I bought our first home in Toronto’s east end, we made it a priority to ensure that our home’s carbon footprint is as small as possible. Naturally, we pursued various renewable options to add into our home. When we found out that ProFusion was offering solar panels for free, we immediately jumped on and got them installed. The panels look great on our roof and we’re happy knowing that we’re supporting a great cause."

David Holling, Toronto, Ontario


"We really like our solar panels from ProFusion. Our electricity bill was very high before, and now the solar panels cover our usage, plus we also get some extra funds every month from selling our excess electricity. This is a very good investment for anyone looking to save money on monthly electricity bills."

Tim Cheung, Markham, Ontario


These are the few but many of our satisfied clients who are benefiting from solar energy.

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