Nova Scotia - Residential Solar

In the beginning of 2018, the Government of Canada allocated $56 Million towards Nova Scotia’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.


What this meant for Nova Scotia residents is the increase in accessibility for those looking to go solar in a Province where electricity rates have continued to climb over the years.


This yearly average decreases as you move east in the province and increases as you move west. For example:


  • A 1kW solar system in Charlottetown would produce about 1,103 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in Summerside would produce about 1,125 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in Stratford would produce about 1,100 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in Cornwall would produce about 1,106 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in Montague would produce 1,087 kWh/yr

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