Nova Scotia - Solar for Business

In the beginning of 2018, the Government of Canada allocated $56 Million towards Nova Scotia’s Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.


What this meant for Nova Scotia residents is the increase in accessibility for those looking to go solar in a Province where electricity rates have continued to climb over the years.

This yearly average decreases as you move north and east in the province and increases as you move south and west. For example:


  • A 1kW solar system in Halifax would produce about 1,073 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in Dartmouth would produce about 1,076 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in Truro would produce about 1,095 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in Amherst would produce about 1,125 kWh/yr
  • A 1kW solar system in New Glasgow would produce 1,081 kWh/yr

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