Solar panels are a great way to produce clean energy, reduce electricity costs, and increase property value. That is why homeowners are taking advantage of our solar technology.


At ProFusion Solar, we specialize in working with our clients to deliver a customized  system that is unique to their home. This helps them produce the right amount of energy at an affordable price. We provide both Residential and Commercial Solar Services.

Becoming energy efficient isn’t difficult – even for the busiest people. LED bulbs are an excellent solution for anyone looking to reduce their energy costs.


LED Bulbs have up to a 75,000 hours of life, which is equivalent to around 11 years worth of operational usage. This is a large jump from the typical one year life that a standard incandescent bulbs have. As a result, any maintenance cost associated with replacing lights is significantly reduced

LED Light
Profusion Energy Storage System

Our Smart Energy Systems manage power after it has been supplied by your local utility, shifting the time of day the power is purchased and increasing power reliability.

This also includes a proprietary software that is able to predict peak demand, which will help control the Battery Energy Storage, Uninterruptible Power Supply and/or power generator systems.