Becoming energy efficient isn’t difficult – even for the busiest people. LED bulbs are an excellent solution for anyone looking to reduce their energy costs.​

Save Energy (And Money)

Why Switch to LED?

Because LEDs do not contain any gases in their fixtures, powering them requires less electricity. Customers have been known to reduce their lighting consumption by up to 70% by switching to LED.

Annual Energy Savings: 65% Annual Cost Savings: $9.91/Bulb

Conventional Fluorescent Light LED Equivalent
Output: 32W
Ballast Watt: 10W
Annual Consumption: 98.28kW/Bulb
Annual Lighting Cost: $15.23/Bulb
Output: 15W
Ballast Watts: 0W
Annual Consumption: 34.43kW/Bulb
Annual Lighting Cost:

There are many rebates available across Canada for homes and businesses looking to upgrade their lighting. These incentives can cover your project cost up to 50% and are paid within a few weeks of project completion! As an added bonus, ProFusion guarantees full rebate amounts to all of it’s LED clients.

At ProFusion, we offer zero-down, zero-hassle financing for LEDs to all of our business clients. Low interest rates, and low monthly payments mean that you will start seeing cash-positive savings in your first month!

LED lights have been known to be more durable than their incandescent and fluorescent predecessors. Because they produce far less heat than their gas using counterparts, they’re able to made with more durable materials.

Built with state-of-the art manufacturing processes, LED lights can out last fluorescent lights by more than 5 Times! At ProFusion, we only carry the highest quality of LED equipment and guarantee their operating lifespan up to 100,000 hours!

Absolutely no gases or metal filaments inside LED lights. Therefore, the amount of heat produced is minimal!