Solar for Existing Roofs

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Total kW Installed


Total Green House Gas Reduced Annually

1,884 Tons

Equivalent to planting

19,541 Trees

Solar Panel

Commercial Solar

ProFusion provides a full turnkey service to help all businesses benefit from going green. Our aim is to help businesses improve their efficiency and hit their fiscal targets all while lowering their carbon footprint.

Commercial Net Metering

Net metering with Solar is a great investment opportunity for businesses looking to cut their expenses and increase their property value. It allows businesses to utilize solar panels to generate their own electricity to power their buildings. In addition, any energy left unconsumed is sent to the utility as a credit that can be redeemed for future consumption.
Commercial Solar

Benefits of installing Solar on your Business

  • Take control of your electricity costs
  • Become more energy independent
  • Increase property value/asset portfolio
  • Take advantage of lucrative tax incentives
    By investing in utility scale solar farming in our communities, we can make supply homes and businesses in a community with renewable energy at a cheaper cost than their utility
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Benefits of Community Solar

  1. By investing together, it is more cost effective than purchasing solar individually for your home.
  2. Each member/subscriber gets credited on their utility bill accordingly (based on contribution).
  3. A more productive way of utilizing inoperative land.
  4. Long term energy security for all members.
Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Net Metering is a great way to have your home run on clean, renewable energy. It allows homeowners to utilize solar panels to generate their own electricity to power their homes. In addition, any energy left unconsumed is sent to the utility as a credit that can be redeemed for future consumption.

Residential Solar Services (Off Grid)

At ProFusion, we make taking your home off the grid a simple task. We specially design the entire solar to battery network that will be installed inside your home along with the best installation methods. This ensures that your home will be running optimally by harmonizing the energy from the batteries and solar panels.

Going off-grid is the most effective way to become a self-sustaining energy supplier. It is ideal for homes that are located far from their electricity providers, such as cottages, and as well as those experiencing frequent black outs and brown outs.
Nova Scotia - Profusion - Solar- residential-on grid
  1. Solar Panels convert energy from the sun into Direct Current (DC) electricity.
  2. An inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into Alternating Current (AC) electricity for use in your home.
  3. AC energy is used in your home.
  4. A bi-directional meter measures energy used and excess energy produced.
  5. Excess energy is sent to the local grid to be used as credits at a later time.
    Billing for net metering varies from country to country, and province to province. Generally, utility companies offer a credit for every excess kilowatt fed to the grid. The credits gained from the excess production can be utilized in later months when local energy production drops. This allows solar power that was generated in July to be used in December.

Solar Panel

Energy Storage

Our Smart Energy Systems manage power after it has been supplied by your local utility, shifting the time of day the power is purchased and increasing power reliability.

This also includes a proprietary software that is able to predict peak demand, which will help control the Battery Energy Storage, Uninterruptible Power Supply and/or power generator systems.

Nothing changes with the way the electricity is delivered to your business, nor do you need to alter the time of use or the way you consume it. The biggest difference our clients notice is the lower fixed rate and increased power reliability as they receive back up power at no cost.