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The popularity of Solar has grown tremendously with home owners over the past few years in Nova Scotia. Since the launch of the SolarHomes program by Efficiency Nova Scotia in 2018, more homeowners have been installing solar panels on their homes to become more energy independently and save money.

Find out how easy it is to get solar on your home in Nova Scotia for 0% Down and 0% financing!

Why Switch to Solar in Nova Scotia?

The efficacy of solar panels in Nova Scotia is moderately high, with the most exposure occurring in Yarmouth and Halifax area.

On average, a typical home in Nova Scotia will generate 1076kWh/kW of Solar installed per year. That translates to a net savings of $170.00 per annum for only a 1kW system! 

It’s these production ProFusion has installed over 100 projects across Nova Scotia. We handle the entire EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) process involved in putting up solar panels on your roof

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How Does Solar Work in Nova Scotia?

Solar Net-metering is seamless to using your regular utility. There will be no interruptions in your day-to-day electricity use.

 To find out if your home qualifies for solar,