Ontario Commercial Solar

Ontario Commercial Solar

ProFusion Solar provides a full scale Engineering, Procurement, and Construction service to help all businesses benefit from going green and improving their bottom line by utilizing and otherwise empty roof space.

Net metering is the best way to become electrically sustainable. It allows electrical consumers to generate their own electricity through solar panels.

Billing for net metering varies from country to country, and province to province. Generally, utility companies offer a credit for every excess kilowatt-hour sent to the grid. The credit gained from the excess production can be utilized in later months when local energy production drops. This allows solar power that was generated in July to be used in December.

Ontario allows net metering for up to 1 MegaWatt, where any excess energy is stored as credit and carried over 12 consecutive months. Any unused credits remaining at the end of 12 consecutive months of a consumer being in a credit situation are cleared at the end of that billing.

Easy Financing

Getting solar panels for your business has never been easier! We help secure financing for all commercial properties. Enjoy the benefits of:

  1. $0 Down options. Complete financing for entire project.
  2. Competitive rates as low as 6.99% annual interest.
  3. See cash flow positive results Year-1
Profusion Commercial Solar