Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

ProFusion  provides a full turnkey service to help all businesses benefit from going green. Our aim is to help businesses improve their efficiency and hit their fiscal targets all while lowering their carbon footprint.

Commercial Solar

Commercial Net Metering

Net metering with Solar is a great investment opportunity for businesses looking to cut their expenses and increase their property value. It allows businesses to utilize solar panels to generate their own electricity to power their buildings. In addition, any energy left unconsumed is sent to the utility as a credit that can be redeemed for future consumption.

Benefits of Installing Solar on Your Business
  • Take control of your electricity costs
  • Become more energy independent
  • Increase property value/asset portfolio
  • Take advantage of lucrative tax incentives

By investing in utility scale solar farming in our communities, we can make supply homes and businesses in a community with renewable energy at a cheaper cost than their utility

Commercial Solar
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Benefits of Community Solar

  1. By investing together, it is more cost effective than purchasing solar individually for your home.
  2. Each member/subscriber gets credited on their utility bill accordingly (based on contribution).
  3. A more productive way of utilizing inoperative land.
  4. Long term energy security for all members.