Profusion Solar

Founded in 2017, ProFusion has been a forerunner in providing renewable energy solutions to homes and businesses across Canada.

During our inaugural year, the Ontario government’s FIT and micro FIT programs were coming to their final chapters. It was during these times that ProFusion helped over 250 homes take advantage of the government’s lucrative program that helped them earn cash while they provided clean energy to our grid.

Since then, we have established ourselves as a staple in the renewable energy market across Canada. Operating locally in Ontario and Nova Scotia, while also having a strong presence in Alberta, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan. With our national presence as a Trusted Renewable Energy Provider, we have helped provide renewable energy solutions to over 1000 customers!

Our Mission & Vision


Since our conception, our mission has always been to provide the highest quality renewable solutions at an affordable price to help build a sustainable future.

We see the world in which a future can be created where everyone is energy independent and have a safe, and reliable solution for their power needs.

Profusion Solar

Project Completed


Total kW Installed


Total Green House Gas Reduced Annually


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Profusion Solar

At ProFusion, we take provide in being the sole-responsibility bearer for our customer’s projects.

We are a one-stop shop for providing homes and businesses with LED, Solar, and Battery solutions at an affordable cost.

Industry Leading Warranty:


We are confident in our products and services, and as such we ensure that all of our clients receive the highest level of assurances for their projects in the market today. Guaranteed.

Solar Panel Warranty: 25 Years (standard)

Manufacturer Guaranteed?: Yes

Micro Inverter Standard: 10 Years

ProFusion Extended Warranty: 20 Years

String Inverter Standard: 10 Years

ProFusion Extended Warranty: 15 Years

Manufacturer Guaranteed: For Micro Inverter Only

  • Standard: 5 Years/50,000 Hours
  • ProFusion Extended: 7 Years/75,000 Hours
  • Additional Extension: 10 Years/100,000 Hours
  • Manufacturer Guaranteed: Yes

Standard: 3 Years

ProFusion Extended: 5 Years

Additional Extension: 10 Years

Standard: 5 Years

ProFusion Extended: 10 Years

Manufacturer Guaranteed: Yes