LED Lighting

Profusion LED lighting

Why Switch to LED?

Save Energy (And Money) 

Because LEDs do not contain any gases in their fixtures, powering them requires less electricity. Customers have been known to reduce their lighting consumption by up to 70% by switching to LED.

Conventional Fluorescent Light LED Equivalent

Output: 32W

Ballast Watt: 10W

Annual Consumption: 98.28kW/Bulb

Annual Lighting Cost: $15.23/Bulb        


Annual Energy Savings: 65%

Annual Cost Savings: $9.91/Bulb


 Output: 15W

          Ballast Watts: 0W

        Annual Consumption: 34.43kW/Bulb

Annual Lighting Cost: $5.32/Bulb

LEDs are highly customizable, especially with the colour of light that they emit. Selecting from any colour below will yield you your ideal lighting colour for your area.